Why London to Paris?

London to Paris – why indeed?!?!

I’m riding a bicycle from London to Paris because I’ve just turned 50 and I can!

I will be riding alongside Alli – my brilliant Geordie, plate-pie making, Billy Joel-worshipping, champagne-swilling, freesia-loving friend – and her great mate Angie – who feels the same way I do.

Alli’s Ninja husband has been walking his own hard path with multiple myeloma for the last two years – its been pretty rubbish for them all.  Much uncertainty and worry for them – and an aching frustration by many of us, that we can’t do anything to help …

BUT, we can ride bicycles!  And so it was, with drink in hand, I idly suggested to Alli that we do something to mark our 50th year (we both celebrated within a fortnight of each other) and try to raise a bit of dosh along the way.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time!
We are riding to raise money for Anthony Nolan who work to save the lives of people with blood cancer – it weren’t for them, then The Ninja wouldn’t be here. So please support us. If you are aged between 18-30 and living in the UK (18-45 in The Netherlands) you can give stem cells and save somebody’s life.
Take a minute to find out about Anthony Nolan and in particular the ‘8 Ways You Could Save A Life’

I’m raising money for Anthony Nolan BUT I’m also riding for every single one of my friends and family who have been affected by cancer – and particularly in memory of my own, ‘extraordinary’ father in law, Jim Taylor …

Please follow us …

Facebook: Wheels & Heels2015 (www.facebook.com/wheelsandheelsLondon2Paris)
please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our news and progress.

Twitter: @wheels_heels 

Best of all, please donate – large or small, we are VERY thankful for your support: Just Giving Please Sponsor Me

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